Monday, March 19, 2012

Planning the Beginning of the End

After much cajoling, Chef Reid Moore has agreed to come back to my school! We're shooting for mid-April, but there are still lots of details to work out. (If you don't know the Chef Reid Moore story, see my previous post.)  Take a look at the cooking-themed bulletin board right outside my library:
I love it because it's designed to stay up all year!

Here's a close-up of one of the grade-level teacher pictures in the aluminum pans. Can you spot my wonderful friend Reagan of Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits fame?

And here is the menu used during library orientation way back in August:
Menu Cover

Inside the menu--things we covered during orientation (library behaviors, procedures, events, etc.)

Back of menu

The menu served as a fun way for Chef Reid Moore to cover all the important library orientation topics. I can't take full credit for the menu--it was created with my LBFF (that's Librarian Best Friend Forever, in case you were wondering), Stacy. She works at an elementary school in my district and we have planned many crazy library lessons together. Most of our planning takes place on the phone late at night for hours and hours. We get a little carried away with our lessons at times (one year she attached a rope to her library's ceiling so she could swing across a fake river during an Indiana Jones-themed orientation--really--I'm not making this up), but it's nice to have a kindred spirit to plan with AND she's just so much fun to be around!
LBFFs so happy to be at TLA last year! Stacy is on the right.

Most of the time we do similar lessons and activities, but customize them for our individual libraries. For example, my library is decorated in a rustic, western style, while Stacy's library is decorated with safari/jungle animals. This means that her Chef Reid Moore is not a cowboy chef; instead, he sports leopard print and paws. Her library "restaurant" is not The Giddy-Up Grill, but is aptly named The Wild Cat Cafe--you get the idea, right? Same content, slightly different look. Well anyway, she and I have been dreading discussing the return of Chef Reid Moore for some time now and are in the process of planning the lesson. The problem is we don't want just a ho-hum return of the chef. We want to really make an impact while tying together everything the kids have learned this year with a fantastic culminating lesson.
Hmmm, maybe we should have Chef Reid Moore make his grand entrance by swinging into the library...
on a ROPE attached to the CEILING!!!


  1. Yes I think yes! I remember that Indiana Jones river and rope...I think I had hop over the river and then crawl through a tunnel or something to that effect. So fun!
    I loved meeting your LBFF!

  2. I just LOVE that you do library lessons! I can't even begin to imagine how much fun it must be to visit the library at your school!
    Dragonflies in First