Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Whoooo" is Rocket's New Friend?

Last week in the library we made some new friends.  We literally MADE friends--for one of our favorite story characters, Rocket the dog from the book "Rocket Writes a Story" by Tad Hills! In this sequel to "How Rocket Learned to Read", Rocket befriends a shy owl and learns about the writing process at the same time. The kids loved this project! Take a look at a few of their masterpieces:

These new friends are cute for sure, but also WISE, because they have the very important job of holding word cards for their primary-grade owners. First, have students write words they can use in their own stories: 

Each student's cards are then stored inside the owl, providing motivation to collect lots more great words to use when writing stories!
If you are interested in more unique and educational activities to go with the Rocket stories, click the following links that will take you directly to my TPT store and the corresponding unit for that book:

I can't resist one more picture of these cuties before signing off. "Whoooo" else thinks they're adorable?!



  1. we do!!! Such a fun time in the library and now they are SO connected to those stories! I love ya!!! amazing!

  2. OMG! As much as I love your RARE posts... and finding out about all the wonderful things you do in the library that go WAY beyond just checking out books and sending kids back to class, it makes me sad to see how much my kiddos are missing out on an amazing library experience!

    You're simply fabulous!

  3. Seriously love your blog/ideas. How am I just finding it?