Sunday, April 29, 2012


For all you TpT friends out there, please look at what I woke up to this beautiful Sunday morning:

I was so pumped about being mentioned in the newsletter! So who was the first person I shouted told the good news? If you're thinking my husband, you're wrong (although he was the second person I told). I called the one person I knew who would understand my excitement. The one person who would appreciate my little-girl giddiness. Have you guessed who yet? It's none other than my bloggy mentor, Reagan of Tunstall Teaching Tidbits! (She is probably sick of hearing from me since I ask for her help and advice ALL the time, but luckily she's waaaaay too sweet to tell me to get lost--even at 8:15 on a Sunday morning!) 

The thing I've been bugging Reagan about lately is for feedback on my second item for my TpT store. It's called "Puppy Palooza" and is a book study unit for How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills. It's selling for $4.00 and if you're interested in buying it, click here to go to my store. (While you're there, grab my "Chef de la YOU!" unit--it's free!)

Whew! I've had so much excitement I'm ready for a nap now. I wonder if Reagan is tired since she was awakened by a phone call from a crazy librarian early this morning. Maybe I'll give her a call now and see... 


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! Still so excited about my little wersty in the BIG TpT newsletter!!!! And REALLY excited to teach puppy palooooooza! I need some stuffed dogs. Maybe we can hit the thrift shop!

    Yes nap time is SOON!

  2. WoW - congrats on the shout out!!! Good luck with your shop; your stuff is AdOrAbLE.

    The Corner On Character