Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lots of Firsts!

This is a post about firsts: my first TpT sale in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, my first Currently, and a favorite first grade teacher. First thing's first (pun intended--hee hee), the big TpT sale:
Since this is my very first time to participate, everything in my store will be on sale! OK, being new to TpT I only have one item in my store other than a freebie, but still, a sale's a sale, right? Puppy Palooza is the item you need to get during this massive sale. Check it out at my store here.

And here's my first Currently, thanks to Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade:

And finally, a picture of me with my favorite first grade teacher blogger friend, Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. This was taken last week during her library lesson. As usual, I made her wear a silly hat!

Happy weekend everybody, and remember that the first day of summer is right around the corner!


  1. oh Swersty I love you and your post! I can't wait to teach puppy palooza this week! It is just what I need to get my kids to stay focused while I test their friends! I can't wait to hang with Chef Read More, but I will miss you while you are gone. :) or under your GIGANTIC suit!

  2. That picture is adorable.
    I LOVE that chef suit. Take pics.
    I totally agree ... the middle of the night is definitely the most productive time of day! If only the morning didn't get in the way. :D
    Dragonflies in First

  3. love your currently!! im your newest follower... drop by =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  4. hey girl i just gave you the lovely bloggy award...drop by =)