Monday, July 9, 2012

Old School, New School Linky Party

Do you remember being a brand-new teacher? I was looking at some old photo albums the other day and stumbled across pictures from the first few years of my teaching career. I started teaching in 1990, so needless to say the fashion trends from back then are, ummm, no longer in style. Cringe-worthy, even.  I'm talking big wooden "teacher" jewelry, button covers for shirts, floral print dresses (remember Laura Ashley clothes?), shoulder pads, and white Keds shoes with socks to match the outfit. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you must be very young, which makes me very jealous!

My teaching career started with my college graduation:
My mom and me, May 1990. Despite not having a job yet and just a month away from getting married, life was good!

Mrs. Wersterfer's very first class (otherwise known as my 1st grade guinea pigs)! I was hired one week before school started. I remember freaking out at Meet the Teacher Night when a student's dad introduced me to his son as "the lady who is going to teach you how to read". Yikes--that's a lot of responsibility!
That first year I cried almost every night. I had a challenging group of kids and I was so overwhelmed!

Field trip to the San Antonio Zoo. See the parent volunteer on the left? When this picture was taken I had no idea that she would end up being my principal at a different school one day!

The last day of school with my first class (sure could have used Reagan's Candy Awards then)! I remember feeling relieved and a little sad at the same time. My students learned a lot that year, and I did too!

After surviving my first year, I started to get the hang of this teaching thing. By my third year, I was planning with an experienced teacher who taught meaningful lessons, had great classroom management, and really enjoyed getting to know her students. I learned so much from her, and most likely would have left the profession had it not been for her willingness to share! I was eager to learn, and wearing the latest fashions in teacher apparel.

Aside from the obnoxious clothes I wore, the pictures brought back a flood of memories about those early years of teaching. I realize that although there have been lots of changes in education, there are still many things the same about it. For one, sharing great books with kids is instrumental to their learning!
"New School" picture--about to read to first graders. Yes, that's a chef's hat and apron I'm wearing, and years from now I'm sure I'll be laughing at this! Will I ever learn?! 

This got me to thinking that every teacher probably has similar "old school" pictures and memories tucked away, and how fun it would be to share them with the blogging world!  So now that you've taken a walk down memory lane with me, link up with your own "Old School, New School" blog post! This is my first ever linky party, so hopefully things will go smoothly. You have until the end of July to link up--plenty of time to dig out those old photos. 

I'm hoping that I've been a better teacher than a fashionista. And please remember that although trends may come and go, year in and year out teachers have the awesome responsibility to make a positive difference in children's lives (regardless of what the current fashions are)! Now go link up--I can't wait to read your stories!


  1. What a fun linky party!!!! Your pictures made me laugh out loud (:-) I hope you're not offended:)... I especially love the red one! ;-) I would love to link up although I've only been teaching for 5 years... I'll see what I can do! Have a great day!!!

    1. Not offended at all! They are funny pictures. The crazy thing is that I have never liked the color red on me and so I am surprised that I ever owned a red dress! Definitely link up, even though you're a new teacher!

  2. Oh my gosh! The Red on Red picture has me literally laughing out loud. My son just asked what I was laughing about! What a great trip down memory lane! I will have to break out my old pictures and see what I can come up with too!

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. Yep, I'm no photographer but I can tell you that red on red does NOT look good in pics! Can't wait to see your post...

  3. I started teaching in 1990 also, so I understand about the fashions! Your pictures were so fun to go through. My school pictures are at school and I can't get into my room yet or I could link up. So fun!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Hmmm, maybe you could just do a "New School" post!

  4. I love this linky party idea! I am going to see if I can find some old pictures! You are too funny with your fashion comments! When I first started teaching my mother-in-law kept buying me "teacher" clothes...the overly decorated sweater vests with matching turtlenecks! I was only 22! :) Thanks for hosting such a fun linky party!

    Delighted in Second
    Join me for my $20 TPT gift certificate giveaway! :)

    1. Oh my, I am guilty of wearing those gaudy teacher sweaters, too! Looking forward to your Old School pics!

  5. I stumbled upon your post and had a good laugh! Thanks for brightening my day! I had to dig out some old photos and join the fun. The camouflaged red dress cracked me up!

    Hope you'll check out my blog, and you are allowed to laugh. :)
    Learning in the Little Apple

  6. What great linky party! I wish I could use my students photos, but I can't.

  7. Thank you for being my latest follower, I love your blog. I can't look at a denim dress anymore without cringing! I loved them so much!!
    I would love to link up, but I don't have parent permission for any of my classes to be on the Internet before my 2010-2011 group. When I first started teaching there wasn't even a need for Internet permission slips!!
    Thanks for the laughs,
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!

  8. Love the pictures! The school I taught at before was a parochial school. Some of the teachers had giant grown up versions of the plaid jumpers the girls wore! When I got pregnant with my first child, someone offered to share their maternity jumper with me. I declined. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing. Glad to be a new follower.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  9. Ha! I love this linky and will try to link up before it ends (going out of town tomorrow and will need to get my pics from school before linking up!) Just found your blog and am your newest follower. :)

    Teaching Maddeness