Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bow Wow! It's a Puppy Palooza and a Huge TpT Sale!

What do you get when you mix puppies, learning to read, and learning to write stories?
These two great books!
Click here to learn more about Tad Hills and his awesome books!
Some of you will remember that I've recommended Tad Hills' "Rocket" stories before, but with the start of school right around the corner for many of us, I wanted to remind everyone about these fabulous books. They are perfect for the beginning of the year! And what kid doesn't like puppies?

Even before the first "Rocket" story was published, we were mixing puppies and reading here at my house.
That's my daughter (in 2008) reading to Butterball and Samson, our brand new Labrador puppies!
Samson and Butterball were birthday gifts for my kids, and were featured on my daughter's 8th birthday invitation in this picture from four years ago:
Two high-energy puppies, a hammock and one 8-year old girl made for a fun photo shoot!

When Samson and Butterball were about 6 months old, we took them to our church for Animal Blessing Day. And believe me, they needed all the blessings they could get because, let's just say they were not always on their best behavior!

2 dogs + holidays = FUN!
Halloween 2008

Christmas 2008
But out of all the "kids with dogs" pictures, these two are my favorites:

Now that's some serious Puppy Love!

It's obvious that kids and puppies are a good mix. Look what happens when you share "How Rocket Learned to Read" and then introduce your class to a basket of puppies (the stuffed animal kind):
 Adopt us!

Choosing a name collar for puppy

 We're gonna be best buds!

 Reading to puppy

"Teaching" puppy to read important words

All ready for a Puppy Reading Parade!

See all the cool stuff that can happen when you add puppies to your classroom? Go out and buy "How Rocket Learned to Read" and "Rocket Writes a Story" by Tad Hills and then head over to my TpT store and pick up both "Puppy Palooza" units for a whole lot of fun, educational activities to go along with the books. The units are only $4.00 each, but TpT is having a gigantic sale August 12-13, so you can get them (and everything else in my store) for nearly 30% off!

While you're there, take a look at a few other "puppy" items in my store you might be interested in as well:
Puppy Palooza Transportation Bracelets $2.50

Puppy Palooza Student Desk Tags (5 different designs) FREE!

Here's hoping that you find enough goodies in TpT's Back to School Sale to say "Bow WOW"!



  1. I can't wait to use my puppy paloozas this year!! :)

    1. I can't wait for you to use it, either!

  2. and that last picture of daughter with puppy is sooooo beautiful!!!!!

  3. I agree with Reagan about that pic of your daughter and puppy.... SO adorable.

    I'm on the search of 30 affordable puppies... the stuffed kind. :D

    1. That picture is my favorite, and believe it or not, I was the photographer! Good luck on your hunt for stuffed animals--if you moved here I could set you up with a lot of puppies because we have been doing some serious cleaning and I think we bought every single stuffed animal dog that was ever made for my daughter when she was younger!

  4. I bought your "Puppy Palooza" unit last year, but didn't have time to use it! I am looking foward to it this year. And of course I had to go buy the second Rocket book as soon as you mentioned it!! :)

    Your pups are adorable! Are they both labs? I have two of my own... Bella (14 months) and Molly (11 weeks). They are a handful!!

    First Grade Garden

  5. Glad you will get to use Puppy Palooza this year--it's fun to do with students!
    Both my dogs are labs, and now that they're a little older (4 years old), their behavior has improved tremendously. Good luck with your labs--everyone says it takes about 3 years for them to grow out of that puppy stage!

  6. Those pictures of the kids reading to their puppies are just adorable! I love your ideas; you are the cutest!

    I'm your newest follower (and am so glad to have found you!)

    Teacher Kirra:Maestra Kirra