Thursday, August 2, 2012

Help! I've (bloggy) fallen and I can't get up!

Yikes! Is it August already? Seriously? Where has the summer gone? I have less than 2 weeks left before district meetings, work days, inservice, etc. start up again and I am NOT ready, people! I didn't get all the things checked off my summer "to do" list yet, and I have been an absentee blogger to boot. 

What happened to June and July? You didn't ask for it, but here it is--my summer in pictures: 

JUNE ~ We kicked off summer with a marshmallow roast in the backyard!
I listened to the sounds of summer in June. A LOT. This noisy bug evidently loves Texas and was out in force. Multiply him by like a gazillion and you have so much noise you can't hear yourself think! 

I met (and melted) with a Squirrel at the Central Texas Blogger Meet-Up!

Went to Mexico with the family, but left early due to a family situation back home. Definitely the low-point of my summer.

More melting! Fun in the sun at Six Flags Fiesta Texas with Reagan.

I played a lot of Words With Friends and even got a word worth 143 points! Can you say "word nerd"? How sad is it that this was a highlight of my summer?!

Umm, speaking of words, I learned some new ones. I found time to do a little summer reading (and blushed 50 shades of RED)!!!  I'm pretty sure if I had an "inner goddess", she'd be blushing, too.

I finally got a new car! Well, new to me, anyway--it's a 2010 Acura MDX. Here I am trying to be patient while filling out all the paperwork. 
And here it is in my driveway--ain't she purty?!!

Did you notice that there was no mention of school? That's crazy because I have a ton of stuff to prepare for this year and I haven't really worried about it, at least not until I got this text from an over-achieving friend yesterday:

I love her last response! "Forever" isn't much of an exaggeration--that girl has been working hard and her room is looking so good! In fact, while I've been writing this post I got another text from her about going up to school to work! I'm sure many of you, like Reagan, are  spending your time off working on school projects--I just haven't fully gotten into "school mode" yet.

The only school-related project I have worked on is another Puppy Palooza unit for my TpT store. Puppy Palooza 2 is based on the book "Rocket Writes a Story", which is a sequel to "How Rocket Learned to Read" by Tad Hills.

This is a great book and perfect for primary-aged kids just beginning to write! Even if you don't get the unit, consider buying this newly-released book--you won't regret it! 

If you are interested in fun activities to go with the book, click here to go to my TpT store. For some reason, there are glitches with downloading the preview file from TpT that haven't been resolved yet, so I've included the preview here:
Are you wondering about all the owl stuff in a unit called Puppy Palooza 2? Rocket's new friend in the book is a shy owl, so there you go...

And here I go--off to soak up the summer sun and NOT think about school!


  1. I would be excited about that Words with Friends score too! I think in first grader words and never score high on that game but I keep trying.

    So jealous of Reagan's motivation! I have none yet but maybe on Monday when I go move furniture around in my classroom I will find a tad bit.

    Enjoy your last few weeks!

  2. Oh no! I just bought "Rocket Learned to Read"... I didn't know there was a sequel! Guess I better add it to my Amazon cart! ;)

    I'm going to spend all weekend soaking up the sun and not thinking about school, too! Enjoy yourself!

    First Grade Garden

  3. I like that you're not thinking about school because I'm not either and it makes me feel better! :-) Have fun in the sun!!!!!! :-)

  4. I WANT to not think about school - I REALLY do... but I can't figure out how to do that.

    Nice car! Your text with Reagan cracks me up... that's pretty much what my teaching peeps and I do throughout August when we can finally ask the janitors to let us sneak back into our rooms.

  5. I can't believe you shared that nasty six flags picture and my ridiculous hilarious!!
    Girl I would say you have definitely gotten into "school" mode with this GREAT unit! I can't wait to make a word tree!!!!

  6. I have been avoiding the school mode too! Glad I am not the only one. My to-do list is not really tackled either. Love your packet! It looks great!

    Apples and Papers

    1. Oh My! I guess I was enjoying some "diet cokes"- I look a little flushed:)
      I love that you read 50 Shades outside!
      Wearying has got to be the best placed word EVER on Words with Friends- you rock!
      You ARE a Word Nerd- could be worse- you could be out meeting "hook r"s !!
      Glad you're back on your blog!

      (p.s. Are you still carrying around two phones) ha ha!

  7. Hi- glad you like my new Rocket book! Thanks for posting. I'd like to hear more about your Puppy Palooza.
    Tad Hills