Sunday, April 14, 2013

Three Great Read-aloud Picture Books with Unique Activities

Remember this guy from my Frogs, Food & Fun post? Well, he's helping me celebrate the one-year anniversary of my introduction to the world of teacher blogs and TpT. Yippee!
A tasty "frog" for students to sample after reading the book "Gilbert de la Frogponde"

I can't believe that this blog is already over a year old! In honor of the occasion, I'm highlighting three of my favorite springtime read-alouds and their corresponding TpT units with fun extension activities that I blogged about when Swersty's Swap Shop was just a baby. Drumroll please: 

1. "Gilbert de la Frogponde" by Jennifer Rae
What's for snack? 

2. "Charlie the Caterpillar" by Dom De Luise
Making datapillars is a fun way for your students to record and display facts!

3. "Surfer Chick" by Kristy Dempsey
Make your own Word Pool center, complete with real water, dude!

Happy springtime reading, everyone! 



  1. YAY - I love Charlie The Caterpillar! Awesome pick ... and some new titles for me, too. Your green concoction look SO appetizing.


  2. Gonna be reading Surfer Chick with my kiddos next month with my kiddos - based on your recommendation last year I went out and bought it! Can't wait.
    ❤ Traci
    Dragonflies in First